More Poetic Thoughts


Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered your purpose for being? Is it a worthy one, or one unknown? Have you ever held a fragile hand and sensed your own weakness as well as your own strength? Did it scare or humble you? Ever stood in a pouring rain and grasped the concept that what gives you life could also drown your last breath?  A common thing called H2O.  Ever touched the petal of a rose and heard it exhale just as you inhaled? A perfect exchange of life. Be gentle. Leave footprints not scars. Leave memories not nightmares.

A.M. McKnight (2016)

Warm was the Moment

Warm was the moment she said, “Yes.” My temperature rose, and hope sprang eternal. “Love is good,” my soul whispered. “Because I have her,” I whispered back. Warm. The Moment.  

A.M. McKnight (2016) 





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