Crime, Romance & African-American Lesbians!

A lover of fast-paced crime stories and of smart lesbian characters looking for love, A.M. McKnight has combined the two and thrown her hat into the ring of writers with her debut novel Goslyn County.

Excerpts from Goslyn County:
At the back of the trailer, the fire and heat pushed Maureen away as she looked for a way in. She turned to the field behind her when she heard a motor crank and spotted a man speeding through the high grass on an ATV. She struggled to give chase then turned back and ran toward the front. She thought the rider was heading for the path that led to the dirt road. If she could get to her car, she could cut him off.
When she reached the side of the trailer, the back suddenly collapsed, the propane burner exploded, and it shot straight up through the dangling roof. It banked off the chimney and flew like a wild flare over Maureen’s head.
“Maureen!” Olivia shouted as she ran to the side. The two women nearly collided. They grabbed and held each other by the arms for a split second.

“I think we’ve talked about everything except politics and sex,” Olivia said out of the blue.
Maureen blushed and was speechless.
“Sorry, I don’t know where that came from, Maureen.”
“Don’t worry about it. You just reminded me of Carol, my receptionist. She’s far more graphic though. Let’s make another date so we can talk about politics. Then…how about a third date for sex? I mean, to talk about it.”


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