O, the woes of a writer! Just when I was seriously thinking about becoming a “summer slacker,” a persistent (but greatly appreciated) question from readers finally burst my warm, happy bubble: “So, when’s your next book coming out?” My response is always, “I’m working on it.” But, what I really want to say is, “Dude, I barely survived this one!”

*Sigh* Yes, the obligatory next novel–an apparent requirement for any writer who dare call herself an author. As a self-published and first-time novelist (i.e., an absolute rookie at this stuff), getting from the Goslyn County manuscript to the actual book was down-right exhausting. Throw in the social media book promo roller coaster as I try to flip this writing “gig” from a hobby in to a profession, and I need a vacation followed by a long nap.

First, it was “learning” the “dos and don’ts” when traveling on the social media road. When I say learning, I mean trying to figure out what the heck to do on it and with it! I swore I’d never become a tweep or join the Facebook™ crowd. Attracting “followers,” being “liked” and “unliked,” and debating whether to hit the confirm or delete button to a so-called “friend request” is just too freakin’ stressful! Then there’s deciding where to advertising. Here? There? Everywhere?! I thought writing was the hardest part. Foolish me!

But who am I kidding? Writing is addictive. It’s like a bag of Lay’s Ruffles™ chips. It’s impossible to stop at one story. My imagination won’t let me. Hence, I’ve been slogging through a second manuscript, constantly interrupted by that thing called Life. But to my surprise, another idea has taken hold of my brain–a short story romance featuring Olivia and Maureen of Goslyn County. Like I said, writing is addictive.

So despite a steep learning curve and Life’s demands in general, I’ve got that writer’s compulsion to keep digging into that bag of chips and pulling out one handful after another. Hail to the pen! Hail to Ruffles chips!


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