A mostly black community with its roots in farming, Goslyn, Virginia lay just south of the State’s Capital. The once small, close-knit county had grown rapidly in the past two decades and boasted a population of just over fifty thousand. But the county’s crime stats had grown as well, and the latest offenses included several break-ins and rumors of a meth lab. Time had brought many changes, and many of the longtime folks of Goslyn no longer recognized their community and longed for days gone by.

Goslyn PD Detective Olivia “Ollie” Winston shows her love for family and friends through her sense of humor. Just like her neighbors, she too worries about the recent events, and it’s her job to find out who’s behind the crime spree.

While investigating three burglaries, Olivia meets IRS Special Agent Maureen Jeffries who is pursuing a tax fraud suspect. Their cases are connected, and both soon discover they have much in common–personally and professionally.

Excerpt from Goslyn County:
“I don’t want to freak you out,” Maureen said, “but I used to see you just about every morning before school.”
“Really?” Olivia raised a curious brow. “How’s that?”
“My school bus passed you every day when you walked to Lincoln High. I think my bus driver set her watch by what time she spotted you crossing the street. I recognized you when your lieutenant introduced us in your squad room.”
“Maureen, this is crazy! I’ve heard of six degrees of separation. But this is like coming full circle. I’m gonna be ticked off if you tell me we’re cousins!”

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