Flash Fiction

Red Alert
Frankie felt the shock coming on, a slow heat wave between his ears.
He gripped the cold door handle as he struggled to keep his balance. It was futile.
“This … can’t … be happening,” he gasped.
The room spun, he felt faint before crumbling to his knees, then to his side.
He rolled to his back and whispered final words up to a familiar face, “We’re out of … ketchup, my Queen.”
“Boy, if you don’t get your behind up off that floor and shut my refrigerator door, you better!” Mom had spoken.
Frankie missed drama class in this pandemic.
A.M. McKnight, May 2020

Ten Dollars
Walter picked up the revolver. He’d missed his evening dose. Loose change between the couch cushions fell short of the ten dollar co-pay.
“Gotta take your meds,” the doctor had warned him after the first stroke. It was life or death.
His injury and the pink slip had pushed Walter to the edge. The divorce dragged him over.
He tucked the gun into his waistband and got into his car. Enough gas to reach the mini-mart and back. He’d known Pearl, the cashier, since she was ten. She’d forgive him. After all, the gun wasn’t loaded. He couldn’t afford the bullets.
A.M. McKnight, December 2019

Pearl was too old for this shit. But, paychecks were scarce since the mines shuttered.
She’d told the hikers before they left to stay on the trail.
But, they were busy fidgeting on their phones.
“You got Wi-Fi?” one had the nerve to ask.
You’re in the woods, stupid, Pearl had thought.
At dusk, she got the ropes from her Forest Service truck and hiked up the mountain. The discarded cigarettes and condoms told her where to look.
She lowered her ropes down into her old work site, Shaft Number Nine. The first to be hauled up—Mr. ‘You got Wi-Fi?’
A.M. McKnight, July 2019

Tells & Tics
Her left eye twitched whenever she lied about money.
Ten years of marriage before I learned that tell.
When I asked about the affair, she stared with a tilt of her head.
Another two years before I learned that tell. “Silly fool,” it meant.
In court, she cried and her lips quivered. She knew I always gave in to her tears.
We held hands as she asked for forgiveness.
I felt my right eye twitch when I said I’d post bail.
I landed in the Caymans on her birthday. Who’s the fool now? I thought after reading: Actress Sentenced for Embezzling from Lover.
A.M. McKnight, June 2019

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