Poetic, Lyrical, Celestial Thoughts


My plastic grocery bag is nothing like Mama’s paper bag back in the day
In Mama’s bag was
Oodles of Noodles—ten packs, chicken flavored and beef
Mr. So-and-So’s crunchy fish sticks (don’t mind the artificial meat)
Mac and cheese, please! Straight out the blue box
Baloney, too. Best served fried and hot—on bleached white bread smeared with mayo
Can’t forget the corn flakes and Cocoa Puffs. Loved that whole milk, vitamin fortified D&A

We thanked The Lord, and hallelujahed. It was the first of the month and we ate!
Salt content—high. Fat (the tasty kind)—high. Cavity count—high, two more on the molars, that makes four (Hey, mercury mouth!) Chile, don’t you lose that Medicaid card, times is hard

Now, I’m so called “middle class”
Educated and readin’ labels and sh*t
In my bag is
All low sodium. Check.
No trans fat. Check.
Zero cholesterol. Check.
How ‘bout them carbs? Check
Got that “no high fructose corn syrup,” stone grounded, $3.99, 100% whole wheat bread? Check
Light on the dairy, heavy on the beets!
Eatin’ better—tight waistline and an H2O glow
Livin’ better—house in the burbs and a flat screen so big, it’s absurd

But, Race: Still Black. In America
Gender: Still just a girl/just a Woman/just a b*tch. In America
Sexual O: Call me homo/queer. In (Black) America
Paper or plastic, ma’am?
Makes no difference. In America.

A.M. McKnight (March 2019)


Dear Mother, my divine maker,
Open your skies so I may see beyond the heavens imagined and pierced by man.
Lift your hand, Dear Mother, and gift me compassion warmed by a peaceful spirit.
Touch my head, Mother, and grant me knowledge of the forgotten and guidance toward the lost.
Plant my feet, Dear Mother, on a path paved with your empathy and straightened by your grace.
Dear Mother, open your skies so I may see.

A.M. McKnight (December 2018)


Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered your purpose for being? Is it a worthy one, or one unknown? Have you ever held a fragile hand and sensed your own weakness as well as your own strength? Did it scare or humble you? Ever stood in a pouring rain and grasped the concept that what gives you life could also drown your last breath?  A common thing called H2O.  Ever touched the petal of a rose and heard it exhale just as you inhaled? A perfect exchange of life. Be gentle. Leave footprints not scars. Leave memories not nightmares.

A.M. McKnight (2016)

Warm was the Moment

Warm was the moment she said, “Yes.” My temperature rose, and hope sprang eternal. “Love is good,” my soul whispered. “Because I have her,” I whispered back. Warm. The Moment.  

A.M. McKnight (2016) 


Well, it’s a brand-new year, and I finally decided to throw caution to the wind. For years, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing poetry and/or lyrics. Maybe I’m just suffering from the giddy hangover of publishing my first book, or I’ve been listening way too much to my Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin CDs. Regardless, writers gotta write–otherwise we die a slow death on our couches with a bag of Tostitos in one hand, a remote control in the other.(Yes, that’s an image of me!) So… here it goes–parts of longer works I’ve done:

Here’s To You 

I must have been insane, but who can really say. Now I count the days and nights for the love I threw away. Forgive me my silly games, forgive me your unanswered calls. Now I know me better as I stare at empty walls. I can’t bear to hang any pictures. I can’t stand to touch the frames ’cause everything I own reminds me that life will never be the same. So here’s to you for being strong when all I did was everything wrong. Here’s to you for giving your best when all I gave was so much less. The least I can do is confess. Here’s to you…

The Sight Of You

The sky blushes blue at the sight of you.  Mr. Sun wants to know your name, and Mother Nature wouldn’t dare let it rain. Watch the rainbows shine and multiply by two. Listen to the birds and the bees sing just for you. Beautiful you, kind you, wonderful you…

It Does

Jealousy has too many friends, and hate won’t let broken hearts mend. But kindness will have no end if just one of us believes. It gets better for you and me if we agree that life is precious though some days may get the best of us. If we agree that Time is a gift to be spent with care. Then no one would ever dare waste a second being unfair… 


I apologize now for every wrong said and done so pain and regret won’t fill the years to come. No more shallow “I love you’s,” no more shallow kisses to tame the disappointment and thoughts of what you’re missing. So I forgive us now the days and nights wasted wishing for better love tasted. Yes, I forgive us because I won’t be the peacemaker anymore. It’s time to say goodbye and stop keeping score…


Slow down this storm and let me catch my breath. Your winds blow through me until there’s nothing left. For your fire I used to beg and yearn. Now a freeze has taken hold causing a slow winter burn. Oh, how time has changed from evergreen to nevermore. I asked for a reason, but you just wage a cold war…

A.M. McKnight (2011)

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