ART Never Shuts Up!

Politics: Something that never really interested me beyond casting my vote every two or four years and occasionally watching a debate long enough to realize that I never want to be a politician. But now.. now, in this bizarre, messed up, and down right frightening “live nightmare” that keeps giving us one shameful scene after another, I’m constantly checking for “breaking news” and following (like a fanatic) political pundits, “experts,” commentators, and a few smart-asses who think we should all just suck it up and move on. I, like so many others after Nov. 8th, felt like I’d been uprooted, shaken, and dropped back on the ground. Needless to say, my ability to focus on writing fiction–that thing that allows me to control the universe–was temporarily derailed by a sense that I should’ve been doing something more important, more meaningful as a contribution to the cause of standing up for what’s right and just. I did eek out some work( a short story/vignette), and I dusted off some untitled incomplete drafts. Yet, I was stewing in a funk best described by the late great B.B. King’s song, “The Thrill in Gone.” Writing seemed so hard at times, and at other times, it seemed too casual or too small a thing to do after the world “somersaulted backwards” last November.

But, I was cheating myself by denying the obvious: I need to write. It’s like self-therapy that doesn’t cost a dime. Well, maybe a few dimes for a gallon of chilled green tea and a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate 60% cocoa treats that are a must-have for my writing regiment. I slowly realized that chaotic times–political and social–are fuel for the imagination, a call to keep creating with words and not a siren to go silent. Writing is ART! And ART never shuts up!

So, with that said, the manuscript of my second novel is quickly making its way through editing (aka, the “writer’s meat slicer”).  Another novel manuscript is also taking form as well as another short story–each black lesbian centered, of course.  Like all art, writing can be liberating, and it can be simulating. But most importantly, writing can be RESISTANCE. Hail the power of the pen!



Coming Soon: Best Love Ever, A Goslyn County Short, Sweet Read

I wrote Best Love Ever for those readers who enjoyed Goslyn County and asked for more. It’s a short sneak-peek at Detective Olivia Winston and IRS Special Agent Maureen Jeffries some two years into their relationship as they reflect on the prior love interests that left both women heartbroken and reluctant to love again. And it ends with a tease about the future of their personal relationship. But what about their professional relationship? Hint: This new dynamic-duo is at the center of more non-stop crime fighting in a second action-packed novel, County Vices, coming in 2017.

Synopsis of Best Love Ever:

Sweet is the moment when you know you’re in love again. And who better to be in love with than someone who wants you as much as you want them. That’s the feeling shared between Olivia and Maureen, two women who have experienced love’s hardest lessons—pain and disappointment. But so much has changed in just two years—two years in which both women realize that letting go of the past can open one’s heart.  For Olivia and Maureen, what they have together, could be their best love ever.