A “Thank You” to Readers/Reviewers

It’s a wonderful feeling (and relief) when someone tells me how much they enjoyed my book and is willing to invest the time to write a review. So, I shout “Thank You!” to the following readers/reviewers for their STAR RATINGS of Goslyn County:

Kameron Brook (@superkambrook): http://www.superkambrook.com/2016/11/review-of-goslyn-county-a-m-mcknight.html

Long and Short Reviews (@LASReviews): http://www.longandshortreviews.com/?s=goslyn

Inked Rainbow Reads (@InkedRainbowRea):                       https://www.inkedrainbowreads.com/5-star-4-star-and-3-star-reviews-for-goslyn-county-by-a-m-mcknight-ff-crime-wordmc46/

A.M. Leibowitz (@amyunchained): http://amleibowitz.com/2016/06/20/book-review-goslyn-county-by-a-m-mcknight/

LVLM (@LVLMLeah): 

Brown Books and Green Tea (@BBandGT):  … … …

Sistahs on the Shelf (@SOTS):http://sistahsontheshelf.com/?p=6573

With Love, Tania (@WLoveTaniaBlog): https://t.co/pqgKuOUfR4

Romance Novels in Color (@RomanceinColor):  … …

K.A. Smith (@AuthorKASmith):https://t.co/sWAuGLWyG4

Black Lesbian Fiction (@respublishing): 








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